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Posted by sieablu - August 9th, 2011

NOTE: these are the industry terms or anything. It just helps me stay organized. This is the production out line that I will use for this project.

SCRIPTING [Current]: Writing and editing phase of the project. I already had a story prepared and I am now breaking it down intobackgrounds, character movements and reactions, dialogue and most importantly "camera angles" or how the animation will appear to the viewer. You'd be surprised at how much it helps.

Layout: This is the visual companion to the script and full of rough sketches still.

Rough frames: A step up from the layout and this is actually done in flash to show the layout in action. I use this to judge if a character is too far away or if a scene or angle is even necessary or understandable visually.

Voice Recording: Essentially, I will need three voice actors,, maybe just two, for a decent amount of lies. The reason this doesn't come first is because I'd hate to waste someone's time before I am even sure of what will be said OR how it will be said. I'll need a male with an older voice, a woman with a mature voice as well, but also a voice of a child (female).

Lipsyncing: after all the voice recording is done, I start lining up facial expressions and mouth movements in the animation. Not set in stone, but GREAT practice.

Final Backgrounds: The backgrounds or panaramas needed for the animation are finished a made to fit the final art style of the animation. All environments.

Penciling: adding a second phase of movements and poses, better defined from original roughs.

Tweening: NOT just using the tween function from Flash, but putting in the animations that make everything look fluid.

Outlining: finalized pencils for charies and moving objects. Now inked.

Coloring: coloring and shading the animation.

Special Effects: any and all effexts like twinkles or spraying water--trust me...it needs it's own step :p.

And this is the path that I will mostlikely use. I am gonna spend the most time on the script. I have been studying Hayao Miyazaki's scripts and how they are laid out and want to do a similar script. They are partially colors, timed with layouts anywhere from 1 second to 7 apart. Seriously, google the script and layout for Ponyo...its beautiful

Posted by sieablu - August 8th, 2011

Okay, for the last few days or week even--actually, lets just say EVER--people have been doing trailers for this, pilots for that. Does anyone even realize what pilot episodes and trailers are anymore?!

A trailer is a video full of carefully selected scenes from a work IN PROGRESS. That means you have to have actually STARTED, be MID WAY THROUGH or NEARLLY FINISHED with the work to be shown. Real life movies and animations don't release trailers on stuff they haven't started yet. In real life, it costs money to release trailers and advertise for movies and such--they don't have time to release a trailer to see who thinks it will be awesome. They already worked that out! They already know what they are gonna do and they are DOING IT.

A pilot is the first episode of a series that shows what the Series is about. It holds a lot of plot heavy information, but still manages just to tickle the tip of what the story will really be about. Pilot episodes are presented to production companies, USUALLY WITH A FEW OTHER EPISODES ALREADY SCRIPTED PAST THAT. The pilot episode is fully animated and a finished product in itself. What makes me mad is that people release these trailers and pilots for stuff that is half assed and NOT a TRAILER OR A PILOT.

Its one thing to start a project and decide not to do it, but people. PLAN for these things, don't just make one episode and then not know what to do next. At LEAST have an idea of how many episodes and the main plot with characters. Do you think most of the great animators on NG just push shit out of their ass when it comes to an animation series? No, they have and idea and they flesh it out and work on it before releasing it. Yes, get excited! Show the world that you are working on it...just don't try and say a snippet of something is s a finished product when its NOT.

Posted by sieablu - August 7th, 2011

Ironically enough, I have to say that being on New Grounds has helped me with my drive to create games and animations way more than any class I have taken. Everything from well known Animation GODS ( animating like a boss) to the newbie casually releasing their first animation ever for all the trolling world to see. Humor comes and goes with me and writing a script seems forced compared to my everyday on the spot funny, so I have been drawn to serious animation ideas. Even now that I have been through college, I want to do so much! I was even ambitious enough to want to want to work on "100 comics, 100 themes" for my future capstone. I had to put it on the back burner due to life, but the few I have written out for scripting and page layout. I plan to actually animate. I want this to work. I want this to HAPPEN!

My first step into this new project isproject SIMONE'S Eyes. It is a series of animations and pictures centered around women and the "Queens" they are. It's not going to be sexest, lol, it's just something I have invisioned. Each short story has it's own theme and there will be 12. The first title is called "Youth." I am doing this the old fashioned way: scripting, the layout, character design and the animation itself. Being a student of animation, sorta, I know aspiring animators will want to see start to finish. Step by step, You all will get peeks, but all will be put up after the final release.

Be on the look out for the project timeline. Gonna do this right.

Thanks NG for the inspiration :3

Posted by sieablu - April 10th, 2008

Well, even though recent events have rained on my parade, I have definitely not let that get me down. I am still going to keep the projects I had in mind, but school is trying to take over...you know...since its always seems to do that...>.> Its the end of the semester....only two weeks left and I need to get my ass in gear, so to speak. I had two previous projects that I wanted to do: One was a music video for Stardust Crazy, the other was a series that I wanted to start. Alas...I will probably be putting both on the back burner. The series because it seems that I have lost my script for it...and the music video....I just don't wanna mess it up! I don't have an idea where to start on such a psychedelic song...so I think I will wait to do that when I am better a animation, I guess.

HOWEVER, there is this new idea I had...for a different kind of flash. Its based on toys. You might think of Toy Story...but trust...my flash will probably be more malicious. More like that other toy movie (the name escapes me) about these toys that the government make too life like and they end up trying to take over the world when they end up in this old school toy shop. That strike a match with anyone? Anybody? No? Well, whatever. Its not that important...Though I plan to call the flash "Toy Collectors" and yes...it will have something to do with toys coming to life...but less than typical plot. Since I'm no good with making millions of voices and have no recording equipment, I'll probably just dig around in the lovely audio portal and see what music I can come across. 3 minutes should do the trick.

-The Siea of Blu

Posted by sieablu - April 4th, 2008

Its been so long since I was on here....I feel like I am breaking promises or something...First my tablet pen dies...then while in the month or so long process of learning a bit on Flash I managed to get a few "screens" in and then on my 19th birthday...my computer gets hacked, my college locks me out the network saying my computer is compromised and neets to be rebooted, and so even though I backed up most of the stuff that was important...I lost Adobe Flash and photoshop....so that is always nice... SO there won't be much from me until I actually decide to download them again with the crack. Sorry to the ones, you know who you are, who were looking forward to what I was doing...but alas...it may not happen for a while...Until then, I guess I will work on my figure drawing. Which is getting better by the way. I'll probably upload so stuff on my deviant art page. There is only a bunch of old stuff and some mediocre sketches for some other thing I am working on.

Posted by sieablu - January 19th, 2008

I have found it! I finally found what I was looking for. I had been debating for a long while if I should use this particular song or not, but I have finally decided to use it as I was walking to work this morning (I work in a computer lab so hey internet is perks). I listened to it on loop and have fallen in love with it. It shall be my first flash and probably the longest flash that I will ever make. I want all my flashes to have a uniqueness to them, but a series spot for my work would be awesome. The song is a remix of Dire Dire Docks from Super Mario 64. It's called Pearl Song by DJ Pretzel I believe. The song can be listened to Here. There are a lot of remakes, but that does not stop me from loving this one the most.

The inspiration for this particular flash, in its current state, would have to be both that song and No Ordinary Love by Sade. Its not quite as depressing, but sad all the same. I've always been fascinated by mermaids and water creatures and now I get a chance to explore a little. I've also always wanted a nice romantic tale to share with everyone and if I can get this out by Valentine's Day...then it would perfect.

-The Siea of Blu

<Picture by Mediocre Matt on Deviant Art>

EDIT(Jan 19 12:52pm): The song is going to be put back up! Yay! (does the happy dance)

More on the possible series

I have yet to decide on a name yet, but I have idea for part of one. I just finished watching all of XXXholic series and the movie. I love it! I never really understood what the title had to do with the rest of the story until after the movie. When you think of XXX you could think of poison or the two movies that came out or a peep show. Though come to find out, the title of the movie is supposed to be pronounced JUST holic. The only times I've heard holic where at the end of alco- and work-. Though in the movie (trying not to spoil it but...) a MAN, not saying whom, but a MAN says that people who collect things have a fixation with whatever they are collecting and are therefore are addicted to it. I wanted whatever the name of my series to have something like that.

Being out of high school and such, I kind of want to set it either in a high school or in a college setting. There are 7 people mainly involved and they attended school with one another at some time in their lives. They are all from different places and walks of life but all end up going to this school of the arts. This school isn't ordinary and there are more than just a bunch of emo artists lingering around. This school is special as it trains people in their niche making them better and somehow bringing out their "true potential." Think...fantasy/scifi. I dunno if this has been done before and I am not too worried about it. I like the idea and there will be more on the plot once I get this project truly kick started.

.-=Later Kiddies!=-.

No Ordinary Love...

Posted by sieablu - January 18th, 2008

I have been watching things on Newgrounds for about 5 years now, on and off. I've wondered at how these many movies and games are created...and finally, I think it time that I make my own. I've been rounding up the inspiration to make a few flash movies of my own, one at least. I already know that it will be hard work and many people don't work alone, but I wanna try and see if I can pull at least one off by myself.

I already have a few skit ideas in mind and have been rummaging through the audio portal for music. Before a few days ago, I never looked into it and so far I have heard all kinds of grea music that could accompany my movies. The very sound of them was enough to inspire more ideas and I hope that once I actually creat a flash movie that it can get my name out there as well as the artist's and their music that I use in them.

For all those that care, which may be few, wish me luck...I hope my new fantasy isn't just that.