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Production Outline for "Youth"

Posted by sieablu - August 9th, 2011

NOTE: these are the industry terms or anything. It just helps me stay organized. This is the production out line that I will use for this project.

SCRIPTING [Current]: Writing and editing phase of the project. I already had a story prepared and I am now breaking it down intobackgrounds, character movements and reactions, dialogue and most importantly "camera angles" or how the animation will appear to the viewer. You'd be surprised at how much it helps.

Layout: This is the visual companion to the script and full of rough sketches still.

Rough frames: A step up from the layout and this is actually done in flash to show the layout in action. I use this to judge if a character is too far away or if a scene or angle is even necessary or understandable visually.

Voice Recording: Essentially, I will need three voice actors,, maybe just two, for a decent amount of lies. The reason this doesn't come first is because I'd hate to waste someone's time before I am even sure of what will be said OR how it will be said. I'll need a male with an older voice, a woman with a mature voice as well, but also a voice of a child (female).

Lipsyncing: after all the voice recording is done, I start lining up facial expressions and mouth movements in the animation. Not set in stone, but GREAT practice.

Final Backgrounds: The backgrounds or panaramas needed for the animation are finished a made to fit the final art style of the animation. All environments.

Penciling: adding a second phase of movements and poses, better defined from original roughs.

Tweening: NOT just using the tween function from Flash, but putting in the animations that make everything look fluid.

Outlining: finalized pencils for charies and moving objects. Now inked.

Coloring: coloring and shading the animation.

Special Effects: any and all effexts like twinkles or spraying water--trust me...it needs it's own step :p.

And this is the path that I will mostlikely use. I am gonna spend the most time on the script. I have been studying Hayao Miyazaki's scripts and how they are laid out and want to do a similar script. They are partially colors, timed with layouts anywhere from 1 second to 7 apart. Seriously, google the script and layout for Ponyo...its beautiful


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