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Wow, I actually like the premise of this. The music also does it for me. Great mix of the Matrix and Mindcraft dude. This felt like an actual trailer. I'd love to see what happened in the movie, haha!

It's ALWAYS an arrown in the Knee

It's funny how the strangest things turn into a meme. I can't go 5 websites without a Skyrim reference--at the same time, an arrow to the knee is all it takes before you can't go adventureneering. And the guys argument in the animation--completely and utterly necessary.

Animation and 3D don't always go together.

What EnactJudo meant is that using 3d in the environments and background make your animation not look as good as it could be if it was all animated/cell shaded. I also have to agree with him. It's really hard to integrate 2d animation and 3d together without there being an extreme break in immersion. I like the animation, I just wish you could have animated the whole thing.

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It was doing okay until I played it a second time. Then it started to freeze and I couldn't really see anything. Other than that, it is a good game. ^ . ^


That was a really nice game to play. Wasn't too hard, wasn't too easy, it was just right. I did get increasingly difficult, bu that was pretty neat. I hope you keep making more puzzle games cause you seem to be good at it. Also, possibly adding some music would make the whole thing a little better. I could play it without it, but it does add a background affect. Maybe some techno or something like that?

That was one hard fucking game...

I'm definitely a girl who likes a challenge, but even I thought it was a bit too tough. The idea behind the game is good, but I didn't really care for the mechanics of the game. Like, regaining health from the waddling professors was funny and well planned, but I thought it was way too easy for the chark to die. The controls weren't that responsive and I sometimes got stuck between...er...walking (if that's what you want to call it :P) and biting. I think the bitting animation was a bit long too. By the time I bit into something, I was just about dead.

At the most....I would say to make this game better, would be to make the bullet wounds a little less fatal. Other than that, I think everything else can be brushed off.

I was entertained.

Teeter-Bird responds:

I made the game a little bit easier now, I hope you'll give it another shot.

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Man it's been a while. Looks like Big Bad really is back. I don't know about everyone else, but I think the beat is actually on point. Much like a rise from the grave (considering everyone thought you were gone for good). Stay on top Lej. Welcome back!

Lejin responds:

Like Batman rises? hmm...

Pretty awesome Stumble Upon

So I heard this song in an animation that made the first page. the animation was okay, but I was quite interested in the music they used. The transitions are awesome and it has a very epic feel to it. The song loops around so perfectly that I hadn't even noticed that it ended till I looked up from my review. This song needs nothing else, if only even MORE lovin. Great job!

Pirates of the Caribbean inspired?

You are right, this song doesn't waste time in moving along. Though, it sounds more like its made for a short adventure for a newly doned warrior--not for an epic tale such as the Iliad. It has just the right amount of energy however.

TheBellmaker responds:

Thanks for the review!

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